Thursday, 26 February 2015

Slim and Sexy

Enjoy a hotel lifestyle in the urban environment of the Terrace 215 by Family Homes

An executive residence reminiscent of a luxury hotel suite, but with the space of a family home, will appeal to professionals and urbanites alike.

Family Homes’ two storey Terrace 215 is ideal as an inner suburban dwelling and shows how a narrow block can be turned into a contemporary home that checks off all the modern wishlist items.

Despite its 6.2m frontage, there’s 214.6sqm of space inside, with both upper and lower – level living zones. Its moder, angular exterior is striking and it epitomises urban thinking with a well considered floorplan which keeps in mind how you will live, as well as your neighbours. One wall of the home is left completely solid, so there is the option for it to sit on the boundary, subject to council regulations, of course.

Its features give a distinct boutique hotel impression, with a wide balcony on the upper level to take in views. As with hotel suites, privacy is assured, with a long hallway leading from the entry on the lower level, to the main living area at the back of the design. A single garage, with internal access to the hallway sits under the main roofline at the front and also has a long provisional space for storage or a workbench. Behind it a separate toilet comes off the laundry utility, which is a handy convenience for dropping clothes off in the morning thanks to its central location next to the stairs and the home’s exists.

Upstairs there are three bedrooms: Two minor rooms at the back (with exterior and side windows) and the master at the front which offers ample room for furniture and a dressing provision, an extensive walk through robe with two entry points, and sliding doors to the balcony. 

A luxurious ensuite with double length shower and elegant finishes completes the master suite. A study nook provicion has been created along the upper level’s hallway, which connects all the rooms and also provides linen storage. A three-way bathroom design offers a separate vanity area, toilet, bathtub and shower room. The main living is on the ground level at the rear, with sliding doors and windows on two sides of the lengthy space, which combines the kitchen, means and lounge. The area has been zoned from the hall by a door, meaning heating and cooling can be contained to where you need it, and also ensuring quiet areas.       

An island bench with breakfast bar provision and a double sink frames the light – filled gallery kitchen. This part of the home, from the laundry down, has been inset along the side to allow a long, narrow outdoor area, even on thin blocks, for the washing line and bins.

The outdoor living  is ideally positioned at the back of the home, off the sliding doors.

Trudy Oram, HomeMagazine

Monday, 9 February 2015

Green to renovate your living room

Sometimes, all we have to do to renovate our house is to simply paint it. Quite often, the living room is the first room we see in a house and where we most of the time have our friends stay when they visit us. To dress it up with a personalised touch, we can abandon the traditional white paint on the walls and use bolder colours and even bright ones, at least on one side of the wall. Rendition Homes' pick for today's post is green. Green, because it's a colour that makes a room look fresh and informal. Green also because it is a symbol of vitality and equilibrium, which makes it a perfect colour for the conversation area of the house.

For the living room sometimes it is enough to paint only the main wall, the one you see as soon as you walk into the room, playing it with the furniture placed near or against it. For example, if against that wall you place the lounge, you can use cushions of the same green or other colours to play a pleasant game of contrast, but always using elements to guide the eye around the room. Do not use too many objects to decorate, as it will not be a nice look. If you use books, keep them always looking neat. 

Here are some examples of how you could personalise your living room:

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

What Rendition Homes gives back to the community

A brand new home by Rendition Homes in Adelaide's best new address with part proceeds benefitting Flinders Medical Centre Foundation, the Rendition Cancer Prevention Home is a unique opportunity to support world class cancer research initiatives at Flinders Medical Centre. The promotion will see one of Rendition Homes popular Terrace 344 three-bedroom homes sold annually at Lightsview. 
The first new Rendition Cancer Prevention Home will be complete on sale, as well as options to lease back. All profits will go to Lightsview Ride Like Crazy benefitting the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation.
Rendition Cancer       Prevention Home hopes to further assist the FMC Foundation fund important programmes and investigations to help improve the lives of people dealing with cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

"We are thrilled to be able to support a great South Australian institution such as the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation" said Lightsview Development Director SA/NT Alan Miller

"Their work is world class and Lightsview and Rendition Homes are proud to partner on this new initiative."
Lightsview recently became the principle sponsor of the South Australian Police's official charity Ride Like Crazy. Previously, Ride Like Crazy has fundraised over $800,000 for the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation and Neurosurgical Research Foundation through its events such as the Official Cycling Ride, the Annual Cycling Dinner which features guests such as Stuart O'Grady, and the Tour de France televised screening. 

Rendition Homes Managing Director Wayne Fazzalari said it was significant for Rendition Homes to be so closely associated with an initiative such as this. 

"We are proud of our partnership with Lightsview and Ride like Crazy and know that being directly involved will produce a better outcome for Flinders Medical Centre. We are targeting a $90,000 donation for each year of the promotion but hope we can exceed that." 

Currently under construction, the home will be open for inspection in April 2015 with sale details soon to be released. 
Like us on Facebook to have a look at the sneak peek photos of the Ride Like Crazy Dinner, Friday - January 16, at the Entertainment Centre! Special guests: Cadel Evans awarded with rosso passion in Giro d'Italia and winner of Tour de France, and Stephanie Morton, Gold Medal winner at the Summer Paralympics in London! We are proud of our partnership with Lightsview and Ride Like Crazy, supporting world class cancer research with Flinders Medical Centre.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

10 creative ideas on how to decorate your garden, by recycling.

Summer is the most celebrated season, because summer it is more associated with life, birth and rebirth when plants blossom, and animal life reassumes activity and nature feels alive again. We are now halfway through summer and then autumn will come, to refresh us with its crisp air and dreamy nature.

All seasons are magnificent but autumn is the most wonderful season of all. The temperature is just perfect, streets turn into colourful pictures as people drive to work, and the leaves into a melancholic and romantic reminder of another season gone by. What do I think when I hear the word autumn? I think of crisp refreshing air, mountains full of warm colours and people walking on a sea of leaves. Trees don’t hold hands anymore but seem to march in a melancholic solitude when we drive past them. Leaves change from green to orange, and from red to yellow. It is still a great season to enjoy and decorate your garden and celebrate the beauty of life.

If you are a lover of both summer and autumn, follow me below with some garden decorations tips for this summer and autumn.

1. Lantern with flowers

Decorate your old lantern with flowers when having friends over for breakfast, lunch or tea. 


2. Make a vertical garden out of an old pallet

The vertical garden on a pallet, creates a natural and chic area.

3. Paint and decorate your old bench 

The floral fantasy gives a romantic feel to the outdoor area. If you find it hard to paint the flowers, a plain white bench works well too. 

4. A little well for your little wishes

Decorate it with candles and floating flowers

5. Make shelves out of old fruit crates 

This one of my most favourite garden decorations. 

6. Candle holders out of recycled old jars

Hang your recycled jars and place candles in them.

7. Garden umbrella hand decorated

Use a white umbrella and decorate it with leaves made out of fabric. Use glue to stick them on it.

8. Another way how to decorate an umbrella 

9. Paper lanterns with butterflies

Get crafty and make some butterflies out of paper and stick them on the paper lanterns.

10. Old chairs painted and decorated

Paint and decorate an old chairs with a garland of flowers. It will make your garden look special.

Image and (some) material source: Guida Giardino

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Future focus: Rendition Homes Innovate at Lightsview

Architectural creativity and a keen interest in liveability come together in Rendition Homes' new waterfront display home at Lightsview.

The two-storey, three - bedroom house, which was designed in collaboration with the renowned architects at Tectvs, is at the very top end of Rendition's range and takes its inspiration from an on-trend Californian, mid-century aesthetic. Managing Director of Rendition Homes, Wayne Fazzalari, says Lightsview is the only suburb where it makes sense for his company to build a home of this type. 

"I wouldn't invest this much money in a new development anywhere else in Adelaide", he says. "But in Lightsview, with the water aspect, this environment and the proximity to the CBD its a worthwhile investment."

Located alongside the lake and wetlands of Lightsview's Waterford percent, the home takes full advantage of it's positioning with one frontage addressing the water view and the other addressing the street. Set into each frontage is an outdoor entertainment area, meaning the home has double the usual allocation of outdoor space.

This significant feature translates into the interior of the home where the views over the two courtyards lend a feeling of spaciousness to every room in the home.

"As soon as you walk in the front door you see straight through to the back outdoor area and then your view just keeps going on out over the water. It's seamless, "says Wayne. "because of the nature of the house - with the double frontage and the reserve to the rear - everywhere you look you see out. You're always looking through to something else."

A cohesive material and interior-design palette uses natural textures juxtaposed with industrial fittings to complement the connection the home has to its external environment.

The master bedroom's ensuite is a particularly strong example of this styling at work. The black Caroma bath is a leading element in a room that also includes feature tiles, matte black taper and pendant lights.

Wayne says the home will serve as an example to visitors of Rendition Homes' ability to be innovative and practical at the same time, whilst designing a home that suits a person's specific needs.

"Buying a house is an emotional thing," he says. "It's about creating the right feel in the home but also giving people what they want within their budget - in this market you have to be otherwise you'll fall behind."

Monday, 22 December 2014

Every home is a story. Create your own.

Every home is a story... of people that identify themselves with it and is part of its creation. To build and furnish a home is like telling your own story, made of projects, choices, personal taste, solutions... to discover each time something new.

When furnishing a home that has just been built, one can follow various furnishing trends and get inspired from different gorgeous interiors to create a home that is different and stylish, yet tells your story... But to have a true personalised home, it is very important to have the architect involved from the very beginning or, like with Rendition Homes custom homes, design your home yourself. Rendition Homes gives you the option to start your story with the freedom to be creative and design your own custom home. Once you have designed your home, we give you a personalised expert advice from an interior decorator, because one of the most exciting parts of building a new home, is finalising the details – the colour, the style and the personality of your home.

This is a sneak peek of our new custom home The Hayman, in Lightsview. 

Isn't it perfect?

Monday, 15 December 2014

A little bit about us...

Rendition Homes is reputable for high quality and affordable prices. Our 50 year Structural Guarantee, gives you confidence in our design and building processes, because we want you to work with a builder who genuinely stands by their product. Rendition Homes will ensure your new home provides both quality and practicality. Having been in the business for 25 years delivering the best home building services,  makes us one of the most trusted home builders in SA.

What makes Rendition Homes tick:

 We have a "can do" approach to all our building creations
We focus on high standards and quality workmanship
We pay attention to detail
We build quality homes that are both attractive and practical
We have more than 40 design-ready homes for you to choose from
We modify and customise our designs to suit your individual needs
We can use your own designs and floorplans to build your dream home
We offer a range of facades and finishes
We use quality products and trusted suppliers
We offer a 50-year structural guarantee - which is industry best practice.

Some Rendition Homes exteriors: 

 Zero one

                                                                 RF 230


DUO 375

The Bedarra

LS 260

Hamilton (back)