Monday, 22 December 2014

Every home is a story. Create your own.

Every home is a story... of people that identify themselves with it and is part of its creation. To build and furnish a home is like telling your own story, made of projects, choices, personal taste, solutions... to discover each time something new.

When furnishing a home that has just been built, one can follow various furnishing trends and get inspired from different gorgeous interiors to create a home that is different and stylish, yet tells your story... But to have a true personalised home, it is very important to have the architect involved from the very beginning or, like with Rendition Homes custom homes, design your home yourself. Rendition Homes gives you the option to start your story with the freedom to be creative and design your own custom home. Once you have designed your home, we give you a personalised expert advice from an interior decorator, because one of the most exciting parts of building a new home, is finalising the details – the colour, the style and the personality of your home.

This is a sneak peek of our new custom home The Hayman, in Lightsview. 

Isn't it perfect?


  1. I love the title of this post, it completely summarizes my goal for the house. Your pictures are also beautiful. I hope I can find a rendition service like you to help me out! I could never do it by myself.

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