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I’m Building My First Home – Where Do I Start?


I’m Building My First Home – Where Do I Start?

Finding the place to build and invest your first home can be challenging, due to having to compromise where you actually would prefer to build your home and where budget allows you to. However, building a top quality home on a nice block of land with a great price is no longer just a dream. For over 25 years Rendition Homes have been delivering quality, affordable prices with no hidden surprises. To suit your needs better, they also do house and land packages in attractive areas, for those who do not own a block of land yet.

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This is the most fun part of building a home and provides you with the opportunity to personalise it. A Rendition Homes consultant is available to answer all of your questions in order to provide you with a better idea on pricing/inclusions and the building process. Our consultants pride ourselves on our professionalism and assisting you in the building process. We would be delighted to give you a free presentation and take you through the whole journey of building your first home.

Creating your new home

1 Choose
A Rendition Homes sales consultant will help you choose the best starting design and modify it to suit your needs.

2 Fee
We will organise preliminary engineering work.

3 Contract
You will now receive your fixed price Contract documentation for you to review and sign with your Sales Consultant.

4 Approvals
We will organise building approvals & you will arrange finance approvals. Our finance partners at Bernie Lewis can offer a free, no obligation initial appointment with their Mortgage Advisers to assist with organising your finance.

5 Construction
Your new Rendition built home will now commence construction and you can start enjoying the experience of watching your new house being created by our experienced team.

Written by Juri Pali, Rendition Homes, 
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