Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Style your home with the Rendition Homes touch!

Armchairs are quite often a must have item in a lounge room. It is often a cosy reading and relaxing spot but quite often it creates a “balance” in the composition of the lounge room.

Why have one?

There is something cosy about armchairs and they can be moved around during family gatherings and when you have friends over. We would suggest a classic and elegant style like the ones in the picture; this way you will find it easier to create different looks by changing the rug, cushions and the art on the wall.

For those who like to have quality time with their loved ones whilst sharing a meal, the dining table should be spacious and have comfy chairs, and why not, stylish ones too! A long and spacious table enables you to add the extra chair when having guests and comfy/stylish chairs add a little personal touch in your dining room.

Beds like this are not only comfier but give that 1800s touch to your bedroom. This detail can be a good mix with a modern bedroom as well as add a little of a detail to a minimal one. Your bedroom will look very stylish if you use different textures and patterns as long as the colour palette is kept under control like in this beautiful rendition homes stylish bedroom.

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